Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to make relationships forever burning

True love doesn't come easily and instantly.But if that love is real and deep it lasts.

Many claim, it should go through lots of tests,guts,will and passion and must be nurtured as well.
and as love finds success and grows deeply,partners should be careful and wise enough to fix things and to make decisions to keep love forever. So,what are the things to consider for being in love for life?
Sexual attraction and chemistry are very much said about love.Somehow it's true for everyone that they make love more exciting and spicy.But in the long run,it's not enough to keep the fire
burning, it fades.
Physical attraction is also one,it does matters for young couples of time.But much later as they grow older,deeper understanding about the feeling exists and could help them be as one as years go on.
Based on research, married couples mostly share the truest kind of love.They submit themselves to one another.They share intimacy,living,understanding,loving and learning from
each other.But love is not only for husbands and wives for to love and to be loved even in simplest way made for everyone.When someone is truly in love and already sure of what he feels,it is a very good experience that happen to him.Though sometimes love causes sorrows and pains, still,it is the greatest feeling one has for when a person falls in love,he experiences magic it self.
Love is sweeter the second time around,In time,its true.Split ups provide space for each other to think and realize the things happened in the past.Reconciliation is the chance of making up mistakes that happened during the last stormy relationship.
For this issue,I want to share with you some tips and pointers in keeping relationships forever's burning.

* Be respectful to each other.Respect is the most important point to develop trust in a relationship.One should respect each other's opinion and plans to maintain equal level of thoughts.
* Be a giver.It is not proper to always ask for something,What is important is what you give than what you get.Give your partner all that is in you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
* Be selfless.Think of what your partner likes more than what you do. Ask for each other's plans and opinions before doing something.
* Make him/her a part of yourself.If you consider your partner as the most important part of your life that you cannot breathe without him/her then you won't think things that could harm him/her.View and protect him/her same way you do for yourself.Care for him/her as the most precious part of your life that money cannot buy.
* Have time foe each other.Communicate and make it a point to talk each other at least once a day.Find time to feel each other's presence and try to share with each other the experiences of the day.
* Be open.Shame is natural but it can be overcome when one is courageous enough to open up things even to the most bit of it.Tell your insights,plans and thoughts to develop with your partner the spirit of closeness.Remember that everyone is incomplete so take time to fill each other's deficiencies to establish wholeness of self.
* Be loyal.Plenty of temptations are lurking almost lurking almost everywhere.But being true can overcome even the most monstrous lure.For the nature of a person is good and everyone is trying to be pure.
* Cultivate a sense of humor.Laughter is the best medicine as everyone knows.Share a common set of jokes that can release tension and intensity of drama that make togetherness dry,dull and not satisfying.
* Reassure your love everyday.Simple words wipe out insecurities.But still actions speaks louder than words.So, try to do something that expresses your emotions.Chocolates,flowers and sweet nothings may help but the most important thing that matters is your presence whenever your partner needs you.
* Seek spiritual guidance.Prayer is the most powerful thing in the world.Actions without the help of God is nothing.So,try attend a mass every Sunday and pray together for a stronger relationships.

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