Tuesday, January 26, 2010


By: Gwen Aujero

The Night is so gentle,
full of love and romance,
Let me talk to you for long,
Let me hear your voice so strong.
The wind blew a wind of strength
of courage,of love,of hope,
for our love that would not fade.
The soft pillow caresses me now.
as I think of you from a far,
though I can always hear your voice,
To see you in person is my real choice.
Caress me babe, love me now.
Kiss my lips ,my symbol of love
Kiss my blossom, a sign of faith,
Kiss my life,as i have surrendered
Hug me for long i will not let you go,
Conquer me like we conquer each other,
Envelop me to your happy world,
Your voice and love will keep ringing to me.

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