Friday, March 30, 2012

Thought of the Day : The Guy With A Goal

As I think of the next topic that I will be posting.It came across to my memory when I joined Days with the lord. I remembered when one of the speakers is talking about the fourth day, where actually its is just a three day workshop.

So the Speaker was talking about the fourth day and he point out three kinds of people. He came with the description of each as I have understand:

The Give me Guy is a person that always ask for help and asking for something , someone who cannot stand on its own. They are like Jelly fish, meaning "no backbones".

The Get along Guy is a person that usually get along with others. Friendly, Fun to be with and always there when you need them. However, there is a big catch. Since, they get along very well they sometimes used by The Give me Guy. This are the persons that always say "ok " and does not say "no". I short this are persons that always go with the flow.

The Guy with the Goal is a person that stand out of the three. Unlike the give me guy this person does not need the help of others and can stand on its own. Unlike the get along guy that is just going with the flow. This person is a hard worker and know when to say "yes" or "no". He fights for what he/She believes in and go for the goal and never gives up.

The third guy inspires me to go on with my life. That no matter how we have been burdened with problems we came across, we will stand after every fall. That we should stand for it and continue to aim for our goals. And with the help of God and Hard work I believe we can somehow hit what we are aiming for.

I do hope this Thought of the Day entitled The Guy With A Goal, inspires you. Keep on aiming! You might hit your own goal. Happy blogging!!!

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