Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Child's Dream

A Child's Dream

If were to knock on the enwinding doors
What kind of the future is waiting for us?
Someday,like gears turning
It will be like everything overlaps

Dear God if you exist,I want you to listen to me
I can't send away these days and moments we can't repeat
So just for a while longer I what to be child,
Hiding behind in this world and dreaming

This day disappears within dusk
But what does it leave behind?

The night sky doesn't seem so bad
With shinning stars against the background

If it could only be a little bit longer right now
I could have these many days close

My faint thoughts when you were entranced by my hair
And your footsteps were getting closer and closer,

With two destinies that aspire together,
The goodness of victory is death or life

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