Monday, April 18, 2011

Your Love Is my Light

Your Love Is my Light
By:Cristin Ordiz

You're shining like a firework
Brighten my day full of useless works
Every time I hear your voice
Feels like it fades off all the nonsense noise

I am weary today
Load of different emotions all day
And when I saw you
It melts away

It sounds crazy when I am thinking of you
But What can I do my feelings are true
Sure things you are my light
Brightens my path while holding me tight

When I first saw you I never know
That you could multiply the love I have, first are few
I am now living the life you have a part
Yes,you ignite the fire in my heart

We can make sunshine from blue sky
with your glowing brilliance,anything we could try
I can't help it,to see you as my angel
Your love is shinning like a wing in sparkle

You're always telling me we could struggle love
Sorrow and hatred is just a crap
You'll destroy every harm of me
Because our feelings with each other is free

I hope our love won't be ever end
For if that will happen,my heart can't be mend
No one could ever shine the way you do
That's the reason why I want to say i love you

Always remember your love is my light
Here in my heart you're the only right
Beam your radiance upon me
In the dim of my life you're the luminosity.

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