Monday, February 8, 2010

I've Once Loved You


You came to my life
Then suddenly my world has changed
And I felt this feeling
Which I've never felt before. Since then,
My heart has beaten faster
Like it never has before
Knowing there's something that endures.

You have showed me that you care
And you let me feel your love
You made me believe in you
That your love is real and true.

Then the time came
My heart learned to love you
For you've taught me
How to fall in love with you.

But as the days passed by
Our feelings for each other
Slowly faded

And we both don't know the reason why.

Maybe this thing happened
for the reason that we're not meant for each other
But no matter what,I want you to known
That once in my life,Ive Once Loved You.

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